The Naomod Research Group proposes the Atlanmod Platform github, a rich set of tools for Model Driven Engineering.



NeoEMF github is a model persistence solution designed to store models in several kind of NoSQL datastores. It is fully compatible with EMF, making it easy to integrate into modeling applications.

EMF Views

EMFViews logo

EMF Views github brings the concept of database views to the modeling world. You can create views that focus on only part of a model, or views that combine several models from different metamodels. Views can be navigated and queried as regular models are, and they can used as inputs to model transformations.


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CoqTL github is an internal domain specific language, namely CoqTL, for the specification of declarative model transformations directly in the Coq interactive theorem prover. Expressions in CoqTL are written in Gallina (the specification language of Coq), increasing the possibilities of reuse of native Coq libraries in the transformation definition and proof.


Atlanmod Commons github is a set of common classes and methods, including: - Lazy objects and references for on-demand loading, and local caching - An asynchronous logger - A wrapper for caching, using Caffeine - A wrapper for hashing, using Zero-allocation Hashing - A wrapper for serialization, using FST - Utility classes about primitives, collections, functional interfaces, concurrency, reflection, etc. It was created to regroup and share classes, methods and dependencies between the different projects of the Atlanmod Platform and was designed to ease updating without interfering with other projects.

Former Tools

Some MDE tools that were initially conceived in Nantes became Eclipse projects:

  • The MoDisco eclipse Eclipse plug-in provides an extensible framework to develop model-driven tools for existing software modernization.

  • The ATL eclipse model transformation language provides ways to produce a set of target models from a set of source models.